Q&A: Working With Criminal Lawyers in Campbelltown

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Q&A: Working With Criminal Lawyers in Campbelltown

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What do criminal lawyers in Campbelltown do?

They defend individuals, companies or other entities that have been charged with a crime. They provide legal advice and representation during trial in state, appeals and federal courts. They cover a wide range of offenses, such as domestic violence, drug, theft, fraud, DUI and sex crimes.

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown deal with hearings and bargains, trials, appeals, parole, probation and post-conviction remedies. Their job involves:

  • Researching the case and interviewing the client and witnesses
  • Examining relevant rules, statutes and crime codes
  • Developing a defence and case strategy
  • Plea for a bargain to reduced charges with the prosecution
  • Try to reduce or abolish jail sentences
  • Write, file and argue motions
  • Support the defendant during trial
  • Write, file and argue appeals

They tend to start working at an earlier stage in the justice process than prosecutors, sometimes even before official charges have been filed. They may also work with the defendant after trial, assisting with issues such as probation and parole.

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown require a degree and the passing of a state examination to practice.

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How much do their services typically cost?

If a defendant cannot afford an attorney, they may be able to access a free public defender. However, most attorneys work for private firms. Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown operating through a private firm may charge their clients using different methods. The amount spent depends on the type and severity of the particular case. It may vary from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars! The two most common methods are the following:


Hourly rate

The most common method of charging for legal services is the hourly rate. This means the client will be charged for every hour the attorney spends working on their case. For example, it the attorney’s hourly rate is $200 an hour and they work on the case for 12 hours, then the total fee will be $2400.

The hourly rate is beneficial in that clients typically only pay for the service they receive and aren’t spending money unnecessarily. There is a clear relationship between time spent on the case and the legal fees. However, it risks the downside of having clients pay money for an attorney’s wasted time. If an attorney spends hours working on a possible defence that ends up leading nowhere, the client will have spent money without gains.

The hourly rate depends on the attorney’s level of experience as well as the firm they are working for and the particular case. A cheaper attorney may end up costing more due to their lack of experience. That being said, paying a higher hourly rate does not automatically mean a client will be receiving a better service.


Fixed Fee

Some private firms charge a fixed fee quote. This covers all aspects of the work required to obtain the desired result on a case. Fixed fees tend to be offered when criminal lawyers in Campbelltown are confident about the degree of work needed for the case; they are willing to work extra hours if necessary.

Fixed fees provide comfort to many defendants as they know what fees to expect upfront and do not have to be concerned about being charged extra later on if circumstances change.


Do I require one?

Generally, yes. A legal charge should be taken seriously as it may come with heavy consequences, from monetary fees to jail time. An attorney is well versed in the court system and the rules that go with it. Hiring one can greatly increase a client’s chances of reducing or eliminating convictions.

Good criminal lawyers in Campbelltown will be able to understand the charges against a client as well as what penalties will come with being convicted. They will be able to offer legal advice, help explain what evidence is being used, prepare the case and stand up for a client in the court room.


How do you find a good match?

Methods of finding quality criminal lawyers in Campbelltown range from the traditional to the modern. Phone books are quickly becoming outdated, and the internet is replacing it as a great way to conduct research into an attorney.

Using websites and online reviews can be a great way to find a good attorney. Personal references can be a great way to find a reliable one – if a friend or someone you know has worked with a particular attorney in the past and found them helpful, they may be a good choice.

Once you have selected a firm or an attorney, ask them some questions about their level of expertise, the field they specialise in and their experience dealing with cases similar to yours.



These are some of the things to consider when hiring criminal lawyers in Campbelltown.