Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Common Assault Lawyer in Parramatta

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Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Common Assault Lawyer in Parramatta


When you are facing any type of charges where you may have to appear in a court of law, it is very important that you find yourself an attorney. Having professional legal representation is the easiest way to set yourself up for success as these individuals have years of knowledge and experience. However each legal case and jurisdiction differs so it is important to familiarize yourself with all the elements that will be going into your case.

On top of knowing the details of your case you also need to develop a strategy to find an assault lawyer in Parramatta so they can formulate a strategy for your case. Like a legal case there are many different steps and approaches you should be taking when you are seeking your representation.

Below we are going to explore the things that you should know when you are hiring a common assault lawyer from Parramatta.


Know the basics of the case

As previously touched upon, you should aim to do your own research about your own case and what goes into a common assault charge. According to section 313 of the code, these charges refer to an assault where the person who was assaulted didn’t receive bodily harm or grievous bodily harm. As the details of the case are less serious than others, this area is considered the least severe out of all the assault related offences.

Examples of these charges could include pushing an individual or even through verbal means such as physically threatening someone. Due to the low severity of the charges, these types of cases can only be heard in the magistrate’s court however this should not deter you from hiring a common assault lawyer from Parramatta.

A maximum penalty for these sorts of charges could land you with an $18,000 fine and up to 18 months jail if found guilty. Additionally if your offence involved racial aggravation you could see yourself facing 3 years in jail with a maximum fine of $36,000. You should keep the severity of the punishments in mind when you are seeking your common assault lawyer in Parramatta.



How to find the attorney that is right for you

Dealing with the stress of potential jail time and hefty fines may judge your perception of what to do in these tough situations. Breaking down and picking the first attorney that you find can sometimes lead to more harm than good than not picking one at all.

With that in mind it is important that you find the right representation for you and your case. We have constructed a short list of things that you should be doing in order to find the common assault lawyer in Parramatta that will represent your case to the best of their ability.


Do your research

An easy and effective step you should be taking is looking up law firms and attorneys that specialise in common assault cases. On their websites they should list their experience in the field as well as case studies that they have represented in the past. These case studies are a good indication to judge whether they will have the knowledge and experience to take up your case.

You should aim to have a list of several common assault lawyers in Parramatta so that you can narrow it down once you have talked to them in person or over the phone.


Interview your potential representation

After you have compiled a list of who you may think is a good choice for you, you want to meet them in person and ask a few questions. This step is also vital as it establishes the ground rules of the attorney client relationship and gives you a good indication of what working with them will be like.

If you don’t know what questions you should be asking, here are a few good examples;

  • What experience do you have with common assault cases?
  • How long have you been dealing with this practice of law?
  • Will I be working with you or another lawyer?
  • Can I meet the lawyer or team that will be working on my case?
  • Have you dealt with any cases that were similar to mine?
  • What was the end result and what would you have done out of hindsight?
  • What is the pricing structure for your practice?


Determining your budget

When people think of a common assault lawyer in Parramatta they immediately associate them with having very prices to take you on as a client. If you’re a millionaire the budget may be the last of your worries but for people like you and me it is very important. With this in mind it is important to establish your budget beforehand so that you won’t go bankrupt after all of the proceedings.

Once you have a ball park of how much you are looking to pay for an attorney’s services you will be able to narrow down your choices to pick the right candidate for you.