Your Guide to Finding the Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

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Your Guide to Finding the Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

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If you live in metropolitan NSW and are facing legal scrutiny from the police, then you would probably stand to benefit greatly by engaging to some Sydney criminal lawyers. These legal experts will be able to assist you in navigating the sometimes overwhelming complexity of your situation and will help you work towards attaining the best possible outcome.

Sometimes the best outcome possible is simply to get a less harsh sentence for the crime and so your success when working with Sydney criminal lawyers very much depends on the realistic expectations they set for your case. The last thing you want is to work with a practitioner who simply tells you what you want to hear without having a concrete plan to back up their claims.

Because of the high stakes involved when facing police charges (loss of freedom, fines, difficulty finding employment, travel etc) it’s obviously very important that you see the best possible legal counsel you can afford.

Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.


Use the power of the internet

In today’s digital world, it makes sense to start your search for the best criminal lawyers in Sydney from the biggest information repository in history; the internet. With a simple Google search for “criminal lawyers Sydney” you will get hundreds of relevant results that the search engine has ranked based on signals that demonstrate the authority of the firm and its success as a business.

When searching it’s good to stick to looking at the organic search results and ignore the paid-for ones. This is because the paid-for results are only showing up in your search because the legal firm spent money buying exposure, not because they are sincerely the best option Google wants to serve you with.

Once you’ve landed on some quality search results, visit each website and read their ‘about us’ section as well as any specific pages they have regarding police matters. From this you will be able to get a general sense of their approach to clients and how they like to work.

You should also get a sense of their experience with dealing with cases like yours and from this you can determine if you want to engage them in the next step.


Ask friends and relatives for their recommendations

If you know that you have people close to you who have dealt with police scrutiny and got a favourable outcome, it’s prudent to ask them which criminal lawyers in Sydney that they got help from. Obviously, if your friend or family member got a good result then it’s a logical place to try and get the same service they did.

However, ever case is different and just because someone you know had a good outcome doesn’t guarantee one for you. You should talk to them about the complexity of their case and what initial advice their solicitor gave them.

You should also ask them how comfortable they felt working with the solicitor and if said solicitor respected the confidentiality of their case. Police matters can be incredibly complex and often deal with areas of moral ambiguity where you need your solicitor to be completely professional ally and not someone who obfuscates your situation further.


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Interview them

No matter which way you went about discovering suitable criminal lawyers in Sydney, the time has come to get to know them a little better. Luckily, most firms will offer a free initial consultation so that you can familiarize yourself with the solicitor and explain your situation in an obligation-free context.

Most importantly; don’t trust a solicitor who promises you an ideal result right from the start as this is most often too good to be true. The best solicitors will only ever give you carefully thought-out advice that always leaves room for setbacks that may occur.

Hopefully the above information will be useful for anyone seeking the services of criminal lawyers in Sydney.