How You Should Go About Hiring a Sex Offence Lawyer in Melbourne

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How You Should Go About Hiring a Sex Offence Lawyer in Melbourne


If you find yourself being accused, charged or suspected of a sexual offence it is an incredibly serious situation that comes with harsh penalties. Being found guilty may not only land you in incarceration but also requiring you to become a registered sex offender. This title follows you around for the rest of your life which can affect the areas in which you live, limitations on your travel opportunities and in some rare cases your property being confiscated.

When these charges or accusations arise it is important that you find the best sex offences lawyers in Melbourne as soon as possible. At the first accusation you should start your search immediately to ensure that the sex offence lawyer in Melbourne that you choose is qualified and experienced in dealing with cases that are similar to yours.

Additionally if you are facing a civil lawsuit on top of the criminal charges that you are facing you may need to do some extra digging to find the right attorney for you. If you are already overwhelmed and on the verge of giving up, don’t give up yet. We have complied a short list of some helpful steps to help you find the sex offence lawyer in Melbourne that will be right for you.


Start your research

Your first step when finding a sex offence lawyer in Melbourne is to start looking for multiple candidates. To get these names you may have to ask for referrals from family or friends and if that fails doing your own research online. As the penalties and accusations are very serious in situations like this in is vital that you hire yourself a sex offence lawyer in Melbourne before you talk to any police or investigator officials.

You don’t want to wait to hire an attorney until you have you been formally charged as that simply puts your case at a disadvantage. At the first sound of any accusations coming out you want to start looking so that you can get a head start on your case or ask for any advice from the proceedings that are to come.


Seek a civil lawyer if required

This step is an honourable mention as it is not required but recommended if you find yourself in a scenario similar to this. On top of a criminal investigation you may also be sued in civil court for money in the form of damages either physical or emotional. If this does happen it is recommended that you get another attorney to help you in your case.

Law firms that offer the best sex offence lawyers in Melbourne normally also have a civil department as they are aware of the overlap of the cases. In this case it would be recommended to have the same firm for both courts as they will be fully aware of all the details and can plan a strategy together.


Interview your potential attorneys


When you have a list of potential attorneys you want to be sure that you have a consult with them all. This will give you a chance to explain the details of the situation that you are in and give the law firm the opportunity to take in the details and form a strategy. This also gives you the opportunity to ask the sex offence lawyer in Melbourne and law firm some questions to ensure that they are the right fit for you and your case.

See the next paragraph for a list of the best questions to ask.


Questions to ask your sex offence lawyer in Melbourne

When you go in for your consult with your potential representation here are some helpful questions to ask them:

  • How long have you been a sex offence lawyer in Melbourne?

This will allow you to know their experience in the field and whether they are a specialist or not.

  • Have you had any cases similar to mine and how did you approach it?

A question like this is very important as it allows you to understand their experience with case specifics and what strategies the firm has in place to ensure that you are successful in your trial. If they had a case similar to yours be sure to ask what the result was and what they would have done different in hindsight.

  • What is the pricing structure?

You also want to be sure what you are paying for and what is included when you enlist the services of a sex offence lawyer in Melbourne. Knowing this beforehand is vital before you make a decision as you don’t want to be met with any surprises at the end of your case.

  • Will you be working on my case or a team?

Knowing who’s working on your case is also vital. Large law firms with teams of lawyers working on your case will help you even more due to the increased number of perspectives and minds your case has access to.