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Welcome to the only Legal service provider in Australia focused exclusively on small-to-medium law firms.

About Our Firm

The firm possesses a wealth of experience in the field of Law for the last 50 years and is staffed with a team of energetic professionals & lawyers and has associates representing the firm. Our long experience has made us to understand that clients wish to minimize their involvement with the legal system. They put there full trust in the law firm representing them. The Firm can satisfactorily provide these facilities and more for any work related to and in Australia. With the greater interest being shown in Australian operations, the firm is ideally suited to act as a window for clearer and updated view of Australia.

In view of the increasing trend in recent legislation to make provisions for penal / punitive remedies, the firm is providing services in Criminal matters. We work together with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur. The Firm is retained as Legal Counsel by large number of business houses.

James and James Overviews

James and James has successfully built an experienced team that has been providing a seamless service across Australia and Europe for various companies for a number of years. Our expertise includes not only commercial and corporate transactions, but also disputes, intellectual property, portfolio management, employment and data protection, across numerous sectors including automotive, aviation, communications, electronics, energy and utilities, financial services, food, information technology, life science, media, sports and trade and customs.

Quick & effective response and non-peril legal services at effective cost are the basic pillars and principles; that’s a unique and distinct quality of James and James. The Firm adheres to ethical business principles and maintains high level of transparency in dealings. The client’s interest is of paramount importance and is always a prime concern. It is usually vital to have a first, face to face meeting with a client. The meeting can be held at our office in Australia or at a location more convenient to the client. The firm has an innovative and energetic approach to work and is mindful of its goal in undertaking a wide range of initiatives including professional development. The firm is willing to undertake agency work from overseas and also invites proposal for the same from associates who are solicitors, lawyers, attorneys and law firms.