What we offer

Our Lawyers and Business Consultants believe in honest, open and up-front communication, and take great pride in building relationships with our clients. It is these attributes that allow us to deliver a high level of customer service and attention.

Accounting advice

The accounting services of our Company are obliged to prepare quality and useful information for you so that you can do better business decisions. With this in mind our accountants will help you solve problems, look for alternatives with you, participate in the preparation of business plans. Furthermore, they would prepare various statements and analyse the results. An accountant must be more than just a bookkeeper. As you know, bookkeeper is directed to the past, as they record already finished corporate events. While an accountant looks to the future and is responsible for accounting, budgeting and control.

Financial advice

Before we advise you, we review and analyse the existing situation. For this reason, we prepare your short-term and long-term financial plans. In addition, we calculate cash flow and examine the effects of investment on the future financial picture of your business. Also, we prepare all documentation for the financing of investment. As well we help you to improve liquidity and solvency of your company. Furthermore, we manage receivables, outflows and savings with you, and we can also do financial supervision. We advise you on searching for possible sources of financing, determining the appropriate financial maturity and on planning financing needs.

Criminal Law

Every case is treated with the same degree of care and attention to detail, to ensure that all clients are advised in a fair and accurate way, and our commitment towards clients has achieved a high percentage of winning verdicts in court. Our consistent success has earned us a hard won reputation amongst the country’s leading law firms.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law governs all commercial activities that an individual or a corporate entity undertakes and every aspect of the life cycle of a business enterprise. Our commercial contracts advisory services is a core element to all our practice areas.

Our expert Lawyers are well versed to handle transactions that require a complex and novel set of contractual documents to suit the specification of the transaction at hand and the corporate entities involved.